(黒い) -romwe


Sea of petals: Fuji and the moss phlox.


It’s like, I wanna wear beautiful dresses, but I also wanna wear sweats and huge t-shirts. But then I also wanna wear 50s clothing, and also fancy royal 1700s dresses. But then I just wanna wear jeans and a sweater with a messy bun, and maybe tights and pretty shirt, but then there’s flannel shirts. And then there’s the Hogwarts uniform, but there’s also a camp half blood t-shirt, and aLSO LEATHER JACKETS, YOU FEEL ME?


Starry Night Over the Rhone

Not quite as famous as “Starry Night,” this Van Gogh painting is just as stunning and was completed prior to “Starry Night.” Displayed with “Irises” at the 1889 Exposition of Independent Artists, it can be found today at the Musee D’Orsay along with many other Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works of art. 

Querelle, 2014

Jamie looked hot tonight


Either A Really Big Shell or a Really Tiny Woman | Sandro Botticelli


Artist: Hu Jundi


white ink and chalk on paper, Maddy Young 2014

Theres used to be this house me and my friends hung out. Now i dont go there anymore and i miss it. Saying goodbye to it and them.

failed drawing experiment.

The ceilings at Versailles today